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17,60 EUR*
Details Karl Rahner: Spiritual Writings (Modern Spiritual Masters Series)

Karl Rahner Spiritual wisdom from one of the greatest theologians of the 20th century. Full description

15,99 EUR*
Details Leo Tolstoy: Spiritual Writings (Modern Spiritual Masters)

Leo Tolstoy In mid-life, Leo Tolstoy underwent a deep moral and spiritual crisis that led him back to the gospels in an effort to conform his life to the spirit of Christ. This book focuses on his spiritual writings: autobiographical reflections on ...

16,94 EUR*
Details Spiritual Combat: How to Win Your Spiritual Battles and Attain Inner Peace

Spiritual Combat St. Francis de Sales carried a copy of this book in his pocket for 18 years. Here is sensible advice to help you overcome spiritual obstacles and achieve spiritual perfection. Best of all, it doesn't just tell you what you ought to do ...

16,66 EUR*
Details Spiritual Ecology

Spiritual Ecology A collection of essays by leading spiritual teachers and others. Full description